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Related post: The Second Chronicles of Kovzland Book 1: Return of the Kovz King Chapter Four An hour later, Eric and I were back in his room changing clothes. My spirits improved immeasurably over the course of the day, and I found myself looking delightedly forward to going to the party that afternoon. I stood naked and giggling as Eric dug through his drawers throwing clothes around the room as he tried to find the perfect outfit for us. He was just as naked as I was and every time he flung a pair of trousers over his shoulder, his big penis would swing madly between his smooth, slender thighs. "I can't find anything that looks right," the boy sighed at last, leaning back against the drawers, his arms folded across his slender chest. I was smiling down at his big penis, laying between his legs almost its full length, the knobby head com- pletely covered in his smooth brown foreskin. I blushed up at him and saw him smiling happily at me looking at him. "What looks right?" I asked him, with a slight giggle and blush. "It has to be really pretty so the boys can see how cute you are," he said walking over to me. When he reached me, he took me in his long, skinny arms and held my naked body close to his. I loved feeling the warmth of his body against mine, adored the wonderful softness of his light brown skin. I heard him giggle softly as my hairless little boyhood stiffened against his smooth thigh. I giggled too, embarrassed by my constant erections. "You're such a good boy, Kelvin," he said, his big hands lightly caressing my thin shoulders and back. "Will you..." I began. "What?" he asked, smiling down at me. "Will you suck on it?" I blushed bright red. "No, no," he said, holding to my skinny biceps illegal pedo site and backing away from my glowing erection. "You should wait until the Boy's Club." "Can't we go naked?" I asked, having gotten somewhat used to people seeing my bald penis and enjoying the attention they gave it. "No," Eric giggled, letting me go and walking back to the drawers. "The little boys can't see us naked." "Little boys saw us at church," I said softly. "That was different. What should we wear," he asked, looking about in frustration. I could see how awkward his tall, gangly body was as my eyes lovingly gazed down his skinny back, round bottom, and smooth thighs. I glanced down at my hairless erec- tion and sighed softly, wishing he would make love to me. "Hey, what about those silk clothes you wore when you got here?" the boy's high pitched voice cracked suddenly. I had to think a moment before I remembered the silks in my room. Soon, our naked bodies were giggling and jostling each other as we tried to sneak down the hall to my room. We were almost to my door when Thorne appeared. I backed against Eric's bare chest and abdomen and felt his long arm wrapped protectively around my shoulders. "Hello, boys," he said. I could smell alcohol coming from him and could tell that he was more than a little drunk. I took hold of my penis, blessedly limp again, and held it covered in my hand. It felt nice, but I was embarrassed when Thorne leered down at me crouching there against my skinny lover. "Hi, Pa," Eric replied, holding me lovingly and too embar- rassed to look at his father. The adult man was looking at Eric's big cock as it hung down on his big testicles and I could almost feel the tall boy fighting to keep from concealing it. "The bidding's heating up, Eric," the man said, with a leer at the big penis and his thirteen year old son's naked body. "By the time you're married next year you're going to be the most expensive boy in Tarsec Village's history. Who knows, you may be the first boy to have a whole harem to fuck." Eric stood there blushing, huddled back against the door and holding me close against his warm body. He seemed very embar- rassed at having his body again scrutinized like a side of beef. "And you!" the man suddenly said, surprising us child kids pedo both when he smiled down at me. "I got asked a lot of questions about you today. Seems people think you'd make a nice little boy for their boys to play with once Eric's weaned of penises." He stood there leering down at us for a long while. Eric stood still as I lay against the side of his skinny chest holding my limp little boyhood in my hand. "So, where are you boys off to today?" he asked. "The Boy's Club," Eric replied, his young voice just above a whisper. "Ah, good. Don't let any of the boys there play with Kelvin," the man said. "But keep him naked. They'll get so infatuated with him they'll beg their fathers to buy him." "Pa," Eric said bashfully. "We have to get dressed..." "Oh, yes, of course, I'm sorry. You boys hurry along and play." We started to turn into the room and I suddenly felt a stinging slap on my bare buttocks. I let my penis go to rub the injured skin and turned frightfully back to Thorne. He was leering down at my naked body again. "Yeah, those boys'll beg to fuck a soft, pretty thing like you." I swallowed nervously then felt Eric's arm gently guiding me into the room. I was still rubbing my bare buttocks when I heard pedo sex photo the door close behind me. "Man, all he thinks about is money," Eric said. I was hoping Eric would hold me and play with my penis, but he didn't and was soon walking passed me toward the bed. "Where's the silks?" he asked. "On the floor," I said, trying to hide my sadness. They were still in a pile beside the bed and Eric excitedly picked them up. "They're so soft," he said, but his excitement dropped when he saw that they were all nothing more than towel sized pieces of cloth. "They're ripped," his voice cracked. "No," I said, my mood changing as excitement about the silks got pedo unterage hold of me. "They're magic." "Huh?" the boy asked. "Look." My hands moved instinctively as the cloths told me how to put them together. Soon, I had fashioned something that vaguely resembled a baby's diaper. "Wow!" Eric exclaimed. "You can make them into anything?!" I nodded and giggled, delighted by his excitement. For the next half hour, the teenaged boy and I experimented with forms and colors, both of us building in excitement until we'd finally constructed something that Eric thought was appropriate for the Boy's Club. He insisted we wear matching outfits, a possibility that delighted me. We both wore tight, white silk panties. These clung so tightly and were so light that all the curves and colors of our bodies and penises showed through them. Thus, my little, purple penis head and pale pink penis was pedo virgins porno easy to make out as it poked against the fabric, so soft and exciting that I instantly became erect again, the hard, skinny boyhood bulging straight up against my belly. Eric's big cock didn't get hard, but it was so large it didn't need to. It swelled against the white fabric and I could see his brown penis and foreskin easily, could even make out the light brown smudge of his young peach fuzz. To conceal the obvious display of our naked penises, we both wore baggy, baby blue shorts over the top of them, hanging down to our knees and so baggy that they draped down against our slender legs feeling soft and sexy. The outfits were made com- plete with the addition of skin tight, white tank tops. These were sexier than most tank tops, however. Not only were they very tight, but they were cut down the front to our bellies showing much of our chests, very low beneath our hairless under- arms, and with a deep oval down the back to show our thin should- er blades. They were so tight that our nipples made brown pin pricks against the front. We giggled and admired each other in dark rompl pedo our beautiful outfits, Eric smiling as his big hand gently pressed against my little erection and rubbed it, the silk so soft it almost felt like I was naked. I was certain that Eric would be the prettiest boy at the club. Unfortunately, Eric said that the Boy's Club had an entry dress code and he insisted that we both wear long sleeve white shirts over the tank tops. We still looked cute, but I preferred seeing the seductive flashes of Eric's smooth, light brown skin. The ride into town was delightful if only because I got to sit in front with Eric's long, smooth arms reaching under mine as he held the reigns. It wasn't far of course, and Eric led the horse up to stables beside a large, nice looking mansion. pedo illegal potos A dwarf gruffly took the horse into the stables and Eric led me to the front door. A sign above it identified the place as the Tarsec Village Boy's Club. I immediately felt my pulse quicken in excited embarrassment, but Eric put his arm around my should- ers again and led me inside. A middle aged man sat at a desk in the small entry way and I was glad that Eric had made us put on the over shirts. On the far side of the room was another door. There was nothing else in it. "Eric," the man nodded. Eric nodded in response as the man's eyes looked me up and down. "Some of the men say he's a Boylo- ver," the man accused. "He's not, Mister Hockett. He's just a Kovz Boy. Dad'd never let me have a Boylover as a playmate." The shy boy's cheeks were red through his brown complexion. The man nodded, still watching me. "I know. Michael's in there, Eric. If you'd let petite pedo fuck galleries him play with your boy, I'd be much obliged." "Yes, sir," Eric blushed as brightly as I did. "Pa said he could come here by himself if he wanted." "That don't seem likely, Eric," the man said doubtfully. "Ask him yourself if you think I'm a liar," the boy said, bristling as much as his innocent age would allow. "Nah. It's okay. I'll let him in... IF you let him play with my Michael." "Yes, sir." "Well, go on in there then." Eric held me closely against him and pushed the other door open. Soon, it was closed behind us and we were safely inside the mansion. "This first room is the children's section," Eric said as we walked up a narrow hallway, thickly carpeted and decorated with attractive boy colors and things. "We can't take our clothes off or touch each other 'till we're upstairs, so be good." I don't know what he thought I was going to do; I was so young and innocent, the last thing I wanted to do was strip my clothes off in a strange place like this and sex in public was still very scary to me. We came to another set of doors and we entered a huge room. Eric held it open and let me go inside first, his arm leaving me, making me feel small and vulnerable. The room was filled with little boys, ranging in age from about six to about my age. Most wore shorts and t-shirts, but many were naked, their hairless little penises bouncing around as they ran and played. Most were running and wrestling around, but a few of the older boys sat at tables or on the floor playing board games or cards. None of the boys were pubescent. The boys were loud and rambunctious, most of them shoving each other and fighting. I was astonished and walked nervously close to Eric watching them. We were crossing to a staircase opposite the entry door, but all I could do was gaze at all the little boys. There must have been a hundred of them in there. I felt myself backing up as an adorable blond haired boy came running toward us, soon followed by a small gang of other boys. All of these were naked and hairless and they eagerly crowded around us, looking at us. "Is that your boy, Eric?" the blond asked bashfully. "Yeah," Eric replied still trying to guide me through the boys to the stairs. "You want another?" the boy asked shyly. "Yeah," the other boys chimed in. "No," Eric said. "Come on, Eric," another boy begged. "My dad wants me to ask," another explained. "Not now, boys," Eric said, looking so tall compared to the prepubescent boys. "I'll ask Kelvin if he wants to have more boys." We made it to the stairs and he started guiding me up. The squadron of naked children stood obediently at the bottom stair watching us go up. I stumbled along behind Eric, watching the boys watching us. At the top of the stairs, there were more doors and Eric took me through them. "What did they want?" I asked, confused. "Oh, their dads make them do that. They want to be my boy- friend so they can make more money. We can get more boys if you want." "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean we could have a lot of little boys to play with." "Oh." "Do you want to?" "I guess," I said. I actually felt little boy pedo cocks rather eager to play with the little boys, but didn't want to sound too eager. I heard Eric giggle beside me and looked up at him curiously. "We'll get some more next week," he smiled. We soon reached a bench in the middle of the hallway. Along the walls were hooks and small lockers. "We can take our shirts off and leave them here, his soft brown body appearing in the tight white tank top as he peeled his off. My little fingers began undoing my own shirt and Eric watched as I pulled my skinny little arms out. He smiled at me and helped me take the last of the shirt off, hanging it up on the hook beside his. He was smiling down at me with adoring affection. "You're beautiful," he said, his big hands tenderly caressing the little balls of my shoulders. "Come on. You'll have fun here." I could already hear the sound of high pitched and pubescent- ly cracking voices sounding from the open space in the wall ahead of us. As we neared it, I snuck up close to Eric and felt the older boy's skinny arm wrap around me again. We appeared around the edge of the opening and the room opened into another large living room. The room was huge like the one downstairs. The afternoon sun shown through the white chiffon curtains and the room was very bright with it. Through the brightness, I could see the naked and half-clad forms of several dozen young boys. Actually, only a few were naked but I was so drawn to them that they seemed to be numerous. In fact, most of the boys were wearing outfits about as skimpy and seductive as Eric's and mine. Almost all the boys looked to be anal incest pedo about my age or Eric's. None looked to be more than thirteen. For every pubescent looking boy in the room, there was evidently a little boy free pedo jpg tagging close beside. By little boy, I mean prepubescent. Only tits pedo kids one of the little boys looked to be under ten and he was staying very close to David Easter. Many of the boys, both older and younger, I recognized from the churchyard that afternoon, including Michael Hockett and his young boyfriend Shane. Shane smiled at me and blushed looking away in boyish embarrassment. He was wearing light blue pants and a blue and white striped shirt that clung so tightly to his little chest that I could actually make out the tender contours of his little body. Michael was wearing gym shorts and a tank top, his small, hard chest bulging against the tightness, his slender, boyishly muscular arm wrapped around Shane's thin shoulders as Eric's were wrapped around mine. He was talking to another boy whom I didn't recognize and didn't look at closely at first. I wasn't certain, but I felt pretty sure that all the boys in the room paused at least momentarily to smile at Eric and I as we entered. This made me feel very self-conscious and I felt myself crawling closer to the comforting form of my older boyfriend. My small, skinny arms even wrapped around his skinny abdomen as I felt his arm hold me tightly. It was so nice to have him with me. After assuring myself that I was safe, I looked at where I was heading and suddenly met the eyes of the boy Michael was talking to. I felt myself suddenly gasping. I didn't know why, but assumed that it was because the boy was so indescribably beauti- ful. His eyes, as they captured mine, seemed to hold my atten- tion and I felt his loving gentleness soak through my body and soothe me with his affection. It wasn't sexual, but I immediate- ly felt myself thinking about sex with him. It was a very strange feeling. Although I loved my boyfriend, I knew that this new boy was even prettier. The boy looked about thirteen or fourteen, with dark brown hair combed neatly over to one side. His eyes were absolutely hypnotic, a deep brown that infatuated me with the smooth, baby soft brown of his adorable face. He was smiling a gentle, beau- tiful smile and sipping from a glass of something as Michael talked to him, but his eyes left mine just long enough litttle pedo to glance down my small body then back at my blue eyes. He was wearing a white t-shirt with some design on it I never bothered to identi- fy. It clung just tightly enough to his pubescent body to show how slender and small his chest and abdomen were. He was also wearing multi-colored shorts that gave no indication of his penis size, though I noticed that I checked for it. Beneath his shorts, I was astonished at how soft and smooth his light brown thighs looked, so smooth and hairless. They were rather long for his small body and ran to bare feet that looked big and awkward. He looked so perfectly formed, so exquisite to my adoring eyes that they never left his body or face as Eric led me toward he and his companions. "Hey, Thorne," Michael grinned at my boyfriend, his muscular young arm still holding Shane's prepubescent body. Michael looked very cute with his smile, but I couldn't help staring at the slender stranger, feeling embarrassed by my infatuation with him. I glanced briefly up at his adorable face and saw his brown eyes still staring at me. I looked away blushing. "Hi," the beautiful boy said and I could feel his eyes still on me. "Erin, this is my boyfriend, Kelvin," Eric introduced me, his long arm still holding my bashful form. "Hi, Kelvin," the new boy replied, smiling down at me until my shy eyes looked back up at him. "Hi," I said softly, quickly looking away. It was so odd to feel so infatuated with a boy. I didn't know how to deal with the envious feelings in my young body. "God, he's a sweetie, isn't he?" Erin said. I felt his hand, so tender and gentle, lifting my chin and I looked up at his adorable face again. He wasn't much taller than me, maybe two inches or so, but I felt so small and little that he seemed bigger. "What's wrong, Kelvin?" he asked, his voice still a smooth soprano, not much deeper than a little boy's. I swallowed as I looked up at him, embarrassed when my eyes glanced briefly down at his small, skinny chest. I shrugged in answer and the boy let my chin go. "He's so sweet," the boy said. "He's shy," Eric said. "He'll grow out of it." "I like the outfits, Eric," Erin said, his large hand gently slipping from my face to lightly caress the exposed portion of my little chest. I looked up at him again in astonishment and our eyes locked again. He was smiling at me, his beautiful eyes looking into mine with love and affection. "You're so cute," he said softly, causing me to smile and look away blushing. "Your last time in the old Club, huh, Erin?" Eric asked. "Yeah, I guess so," the boy said after a brief pause. "Tomorrow morning I become a married man, no more to 3d pedo stories know the joys of a little boy." I caught myself as I realized that Erin was the one the party was for. He was the one who was turning fourteen and had to get married. I felt a strange sadness inside at the thought. free picture pedo Why, I did not know. I pedo top pic looked up at him and saw him still smiling lovingly at me. "Are you going to..." Erin began. He nodded down at me to Eric and both boys smiled at each other. "I forgot to ask him," Eric blushed and smiled at me. I felt his big hand gently stroke the blond hair from my forehead as I looked up at him in confusion. "He's never been with another boy. Do you want to, Kelvin?" he asked me. I blushed and looked away. "Want to what?" I asked, though I had a pretty good idea what they were talking about. Why did they have to talk about it? Why didn't they stop making me decide to do it? Eric's smile faded slightly, but he kept stroking my hair with tenderness. "Shane's going with you," he said, immediately filling my mind with a picture of the cute, little boy. I wanted to, I knew that, but why did they have to talk about it? "Don't worry about it, Eric," I heard Erin's young voice say, feeling his hand stroke down the back of my head and gently caress the nape of my neck. "Gees, he's just shy about it. You can tell he's your first little boy." Eric seemed to blush about that, but he didn't say anything, just kept looking deep into my blue eyes and stroking my hair. I lay against his small, boyishly muscular chest still feeling the other boy's hand stroking my neck and shoulders. It was wonder- ful to feel their affection for me and I blushed to realize how much I longed to be naked with both of them and to feel their love for me. "Hey, Shane," Michael suddenly said. "Why don't you and Kelvin go play Asteroids?" The pretty, blond haired boy smiled and said, "Okay. Come on, Kelvin." He left the confines of his boyfriend and came closer to Eric and I. I felt smaller again as the caresses of the older boys left my young body. "I'll teach you how to play." The eleven year old took my wrist and I let him guide me away from the others. "Man, Eric, he's really adorable," I heard Michael saying as we left. "I mean, Shane's pretty naive, but that boy's..." "I was his first, Michael," Eric defended. "Don't be mean to him." "Relax, I was just kidding. Man, you're really hung up on that boy, aren't you?" "They'll be okay in a little while," Erin's young voice faded out of my earshot. "You ever play Asteroids before?" Shane's childish voice asked as he led me to the video game. "No," I said. "It's cool," the boy giggled. Soon, the boy had introduced me to the magical world of video games and I played awkwardly at best. incest pedo sexe Young Shane, however, was pretty good and did a fantastic job of beating me. Whenever his turn came, I would look around for Eric, frequently catching him watching me as he and Erin circulated around the room. Shane and I were becoming pretty good friends playing the game, but I was still thinking a lot about what the boys had been saying. "What were they talking about with Erin?" I asked Shane when we had become pretty close. The boy's thin shoulders shrugged in his t-shirt. "Who cares? Older boys are weird." "Is Michael weird?" I asked confused. The boy shrugged again, hunched over the control panel. "Sometimes. All he thinks about is sex." "What's 'sex'?" I asked. The child giggled. "You know. Playing with your boyfriend. Being naked. Playing with your penis." "Oh," I blushed. "Is that what they're talking about?" "How should I know?" the boy shrugged again. "They talk about it all the time." "Oh," I said again. "Do you like it?" I asked, feeling my face growing hot immediately. "Sure. Don't you?" "Yeah," I said, ashamed by the question. I stood beside the boy gradually forgetting about Eric and the other boys as I watched him playing the game. He wasn't as pretty as Erin and, in many pedo 3d sites ways, perhaps not even Eric, but there was something oddly compelling about him. Perhaps it was the smallness of his body, though, as for that, he was almost precisely the same size as I was. He was as tall, and as skinny. Maybe it was just the blond hair and blue eyes that most attracted youngers pedo me. More than any pedofilia russa of child pedofilia porno those things, I could tell it was the soft, incredibly smooth appearance of his skin. From his face, down his slender neck and beneath his shirt, I found myself more and more attracted to him until I soon lost thought of anything else. By the time Erin came up to us, all I was thinking about was the pretty blond haired boy before me, how intensely I longed to hold his skinny body. "How's it going?" I heard Erin asking us, the thirteen year old touching each of our backs so briefly that no real fear of him should have started. He made me jump, however, if only in shame for kids pedo pictures the feelings I had for the little boy at the video game. Still, when I jumped, I turned and looked at him and all the previous anxiety about my feelings for him reemerged. He was so beautiful. Shane was a little boy like me, and I knew that. Erin seemed to hold the same promise of excitement that Eric had introduced me to and it was difficult to think about childhood ls magazine pedo movies when I was confronted with such pubescent beauty. "Damn it!" Shane said, pushing against the machine as his last ship was destroyed. "You made me lose." Erin looked at him with his tender, adoring eyes. "I'm sorry, Shane," his boylike voice said. "I can make it up to you though." "How?" the little boy asked. "I know where there's a bunny," Erin said with a strong offer. "Really?" Shane asked, quickly forgetting the game. Erin nodded. "Swear to God. Do you want to see it?" "Yeah!" Shane said, in boyish excitement. Erin's brown eyes gazed into mine and I again felt the dis- comfort of their beauty. "How about you, Kelvin?" he asked. "Do you want to see a bunny?" I felt confused, wondering if the boy was trying to lure us off alone to have sex with us or if he was sincere and really was going to show us a bunny. In either case, I didn't want to seem stupid, so I shrugged boyishly in my tight tank top. "Come on," Erin said, slipping skinny arms around each of us. I could feel his hand slip beneath my tank top, felt his soft hand gently stroking my thin shoulder blades, but said nothing. "I'll show him to you." The older boy, only a few inches taller than Shane and I, gently turned us toward a hallway on the far wall and we went with him, Shane apparently with innocent willingness, me with nervous curiosity: was he going to play with me like Eric had been doing the past few days? As we amateur boys pedo neared the exit, I looked around for Eric, but couldn't find him. Erin led us so tenderly that it never occurred to me that I was being led, and we soon were moving up the hallway. Shortly up it, the older boy let his arm slip from Shane's skinny shoulders and opened a door. The little blond haired boy, seeing the rabbit hutch, innocently entered and I nervously followed him. It was a bedroom. I realized that with a nervous swallow. Still, there was a rabbit cage on the far wall and Shane was already busy opening it. I crossed to him. Although, or perhaps because, Erin was more beautiful, I longed to be closer to the little boy. By the time I reached him, he had already pulled the small white rabbit from the cage and was holding it against his chest, cuddling it and purring at it lovingly. I heard the door closing behind me and that made me nervous, but I focused my attention on the little boy and small rabbit. I knew the older boy was watch- ing us, but I tried to ignore him. hentai pedofilia porno As Shane held the bunny, I reached out my left hand and gently scratched it behind its big floppy ears. This seemed to delight the little boy and he giggled at me, soon burying his face against the soft, downy hairs of the small animal. He looked so pretty holding the bunny that I felt an odd aching in my heart. reflexively, before I even thought about it, I felt my small hand reach up and soon felt it resting against the boy's skinny shoulder blades. He jerked slightly, and I almost pulled my hand away, but I held it there as I saw his pretty blue eyes. He looked at me, a pretty smile on his face that was both friend- ly and understanding at the same time. Although I was intensely confused, I held my hand there and watched him holding the rab- bit. The little boy did nothing but stand there holding the bunny for a long time and then suddenly started moving left and right rhythmically. The movement excited me oddly, mostly because my hand was touching a boy who was actually moving. It filled me with strange sensations and I soon let my touch against him loosen. His skinny shoulders moved beneath my fingers, the cotton of his t-shirt the only thing that kept me from feeling the beauty of his exquisitely soft skin. I knew that Erin was watching me touching the other boy, but didn't care. He was beautiful and I felt my penis beginning to stiffen with his rhythmic movements. "Here, you hold him," the eleven year old said, his small, bare arms reaching out the rabbit to me. I took it even though I preferred touching the boy's back to the bunny. Still, as I felt the downy soft hair of the rabbit against the exposed part of my chest, I felt myself almost forgetting the boy for wondering what it would feel like to have that same soft bunny between my legs, the soft hairs caressing my erection. I might have thought farther on that, but as soon as Shane's hands were free of the bunny, the boy quickly laid one against my back. He didn't wait for me to move my body to rub across my skinny shoulders. I stood still and shocked by the pleasure of the boy's small hand against my back and all but forgot about the rabbit. I glanced at him quickly and realized he was smiling at me, knowing that he was looking at me, that he was far more interested in me by that time than he was in the rabbit. Reflexively, again with- out thinking about it, I smiled at the boy, sending my secret, subconscious message that I wanted him to touch me, wanted him to love me. The pedo yr 13 teen child's other hand started stroking the bunny behind the ears and I felt his body move closer to mine, the hand touching my back sliding around my waist to hold me gently. Although he was smaller than Eric, I felt the same level of security and happiness, as if all I desired in life was the tender affections of another boy, however young. He held me as he petted the bunny, his smiling face looking into mine almost constantly save for brief glances at the bunny. "Do you like him?" Erin suddenly asked. "Yeah," I heard Shane immediately grin. I thought Erin was asking about the bunny, but Shane's voice made me think he was talking about me. asia pedo sex "Come on, Kelvin," the older boy said, coming to us and taking the rabbit from me. "Let's put him back in his cage." I stood there in nervous uncertainty as he took the rabbit from me. Shane had let me go, but still stood close by smiling and blushing at me. I had the odd feeling that he understood what was happening more than I did. "Okay," Erin said as he closed the rabbit cage door. "What do you guys want to do?" "Let's play sex," Shane's high pitched voice giggled imme- diately. I could feel Erin smiling behind me. "Is that what you want to do, Kelvin?" he asked, and I soon felt his big hand stroking the ball of my shoulder. Why did they keep asking? I wondered. Why couldn't we just do it without talking about it? I shrugged absently as if I didn't care. The hardness of my penis, however, kept reminding me that I did care. I wanted to make love with the boys so badly I could have cried. "Come on," Erin said. I could feel his hand gently guiding me away from the cage. We paused briefly as Shane quickly re- turned the rabbit to the hutch, then the older boy led us over to the bed. "Sit down, Kelvin," the thirteen year old said. I obeyed and sat watching the other two with growing eager- ness for boy sex. "Let's take your shirt off, Shane," the young pubescent beauty said. He took hold of the smaller boy's shirt and Shane raised his arms, his pretty face grinning happily as the cloth moved up his belly. He was so small and skinny and my mouth dropped open gasping softly as I watched the creamy softness of his smooth belly being exposed. The boy's skin looked so soft and I was entranced by the beauty of his little belly button as the shirt moved up his rib cage. He was so thin, his boy flesh lightly tanned and beautiful. His chest appeared with equal splendor. It was very small and the thin pedofilia free movie boy had very little muscle to swell it out more than an inch or two bigger than his small rib cage. His nipples were brown and very tiny, making them even prettier. Finally the child's underarms appeared and his cute face was covered with the shirt momentarily as Erin removed it. His underarms were smooth and hairless, of course, the soft skin looking several shades paler than his smooth little chest. The boy was blushing and grinning bashfully as his blond bangs fell into his eyes. He brushed them aside and giggled as Erin's big hands tenderly took hold of his chest and ribs. The eleven year old was so thin that Erin's big hands looked almost big enough to hold his entire body within them. As Shane started to lower his smooth arms, the older boy tenderly took hold of his wrists. "Keep your arms up, Shane," Erin smiled into the child's blushing face. "Let's see your little underarms." He lifted the boys hands and latched them behind the boy's blond head. Shane giggled looking down at his small chest as Erin's fingers again took hold of it, his fingertips lightly petting the boy's little armpits. I was very excited watching the older boy caressing the child's beautiful little body and sat with my boner poking up at my silk shorts. Embarrassed by its persistent throbbing, my hands both moved between my legs and held the pulsing erection hidden. Erin's hands moved lovingly up and down on the thin boy's chest, ribs and abdomen causing Shane to shudder. "That tickles," the prepubescent giggled. "You like that, huh?" Erin said, smiling at his young pleas- ure. "Yeah," the boy blushed, still holding his arms overhead, his blue eyes smiling down at his young body. I could see the boy was missing a tooth and thought that was very sweet. brutal pedo stories Erin kept holding and rubbing his smooth chest as he slowly sat down on the bed beside me. "Let's see your peepee, now," he said, his large hands moving to the boy's pants. Shane giggled delightedly as Erin unfastened his belt, the ends falling open and baring the snap to his baby blue jeans. Erin smiled lovingly up at the boy, then looked back down as he unsnapped his pants. One of his hands held to Shane's beltline as the other slowly took hold of the zipper and pulled it slowly downward. I stared at the opening with intense excitement, eager to see the little boy's wiener. I even felt myself moving closer in order to see it as soon as it appeared. As Erin pulled the child's fly open, however, I could see that he was wearing un- derpants and I had to contain my desires and curiosity a little longer. Erin smiled and blushed, a little embarrassed by his own eagerness to see the naked boy. He smiled up at him again, pulled the fly wider, and pulled the jeans down the boy's slender legs. His thighs were beautiful, perfectly hairless and as smooth and tanned as his little chest. I stared at them with amazement, watching the smooth skin as it disappeared beneath the boy's underwear. The front of his tight underpants swelled significant;y with his boyhood. The bulge was round, however, and it didn't look like he had an erection or anything. Above the elastic band, the boy's thin belly joined with his tanned chest and I followed his beauty all the way up to his hairless armpits and adorable, happy face. I realized that Erin was taking hold of the boy's underwear and panted excitedly, staring back down between his legs, licking my lips in anticipation. "There we go," Erin breathed, his hands pulling the elastic loose and peeling the eleven year old boy's underwear down his thin, baby soft thighs. Even limp, it was obvious that Shane had a bigger penis than mine. It was big enough that it could actu- ally dangle over his testicles. Mine was still too little to be a hanger. The boy was obviously uncircumcised, his young foreskin completely covering his boyhood and forming a fleshy nipple at the end. It was paler than the rest of his body, the boy ob- viously wearing his pedo kids cartoon shorts or underwear when he was in the sun. His tan looked even softer and prettier against the pale skin beneath his underwear. His penis was as hairless as mine and the pedo real cp pale skin ran smoothly all the way up to the slender base of his boy organ. The same flesh covered his upper thighs, looking warm and soft against his testicles. His balls looked large to me, and had grown ever so slightly oval as the child mafia russia pedo defloration grew toward puberty. Mine were still small and round. His scrotum, like his penis, was pale and was as hairless as his underarms and young body. He was giggling delightedly as Erin pulled his pants all the way down to his bare feet. He stood there naked and blushing, his arms overhead, his thin body displaying all the beauty of boyhood. I couldn't stop gazing at the pale beauty of his small cock, and felt myself trembling slightly with excitement and love. It was so pale it was almost white, and his foreskin was smooth and still thick like a little boy's making his penis look thick and rubbery. I felt eager to touch it. Shane's smooth belly rippled free pedofile with firm little muscles as the boy giggled, a process that also made his ribs poke out more prominently. Erin grinned happily up at his boyish giggles and the innocent beauty of his naked body. the child's baby soft, tanned little chest looked so small and thin, not rounding at all with muscles with his arms raised like they were. "You're a pretty boy," Erin smiled, his deep brown eyes showing his affec- tion and adoration for the hairless little boy. Shane just giggled again, glancing happily over at me before looking down at pedo pics fucks porn his big boyhood again. Even though it was only about three inches long, his foreskin and soft, hairless skin made it look big on his small body. Erin gazed lovingly at the young penis and I watched his soft brown hand reaching for virgin pedo girl it. He pressed his fingers down between the little boy's scrotum and thigh, the young penis moving porn childporn pedo kiddies slowly across his testicles as they moved in his hairless pink scrotum. I couldn't believe Shane didn't have an erection yet; my own penis was pulsing fantasti- cally just watching it being touched. Erin slipped his fingers all the way down beneath the boys testicles and hefted the rubbery young penis and hairless scrotum on his palm, the shaft looking so pretty and adorable. "You're going to have a big penis when you grow up, Shane," he told the boy as his other hand moved to join the tender caresses. Instead of holding it with child pedo porn pic his whole hand, however, Erin's thumb and forefinger took hold of the smooth foreskin making me pant with still greater excitement. Squeezing the shaft insistently, Erin struggled against the rubbery penis and managed to slip Shane's foreskin down from his penis head. The head appeared looking limp and boyish. It was a purplish brown color, a darker purple than my penis head by far. I stared at it with jealous love, wishing my penis was as big as the younger boy's. "It's getting hard, Shane," Erin giggled happily, and I panted faster as I watched the hairless thing growing bigger on the older boy's hand. Erin still held the foreskin back and Shane's penis head swelled out from the pale skin, growing larger and a brighter shade of purple. It was astonishingly beautiful as it stiffened, his foreskin slipping back more easily against the hardness of the boy's cock. Soon, I could actually see the head pulsing in Erin's fingers, the child's foreskin pulled far enough back that the firm ridge separating the pale shaft from the purple head was very easy to see. His penis head was larger than the slender shaft and it was beautifully formed, continuing to pulse until the tiny slit opened, looking ready to squirt out sperm. Just when I thought things were as beautiful as they could get, Erin's face moved closer to the eleven year old boy and his pretty lips slipped the young erection into his slimy mouth. His palm lay against the boy's small belly but his finger and thumb still held the foreskin back as his lips slid all the way down the young boner. Soon, Erin's nose was pressing against Shane's belly, his lips wrapped all around the hairless base of his cock. I could see his smooth, brown cheeks moving as he sucked on the boy, and Shane started gasping softly through his childish gig- gles. He stood there with his little armpits still exposed, watching the thirteen year old devouring his penis, Erin's slimy lips pressed against his hairless pedo new stories skin. Erin's brown eyes gazed up the skinny boy's hairless belly and little chest, twinkling as he saw the excited look on the boy's cute face. Slowly, he slid his lips up along the erection, sucking up the excesses of his saliva as the precious three and a half inches of boyhood were gradually revealed. I watched his chin open as the child's penis head slipped from his lips, watched the slimy lips rub all across the bright purple head, then actually let out a soft legal pedo free site cry of envy as they swallowed it again, moved slowly back down on his erection. Shane was gasping quickly now, his high pitched boy voice letting out startled whimpers of pleasure. I could see little muscles in his skinny thighs rippling as the little boy's knees grew rubbery. Erin seemed to feel the weakness of the excited boy's body and his hands took hold of his small buttocks, holding him stable as he pressed his lips now fully against Shane's hairless pubic mound, the cock completely buried in his mouth. With his arms overhead, Shane's skinny chest and belly rip- pled with his ribs as the boy stiffened in confused passion. I realized that the smile had slipped from his face and his mouth was hanging open as he stared in amazement at where his penis used to be. Erin's lips slid up the boy's boner again and the pale shaft appeared glistening with his saliva. Before the purple head appeared, he plunged back down on it, almost buckling the child's skinny legs. Erin's brown hair moved away from between Shane's legs, the penis again emerging, then instantly plunged on it again. he did this several times in quick succes- sion until Shane was gasping and crying with excitement, his penis looking hard as a rock. Just as it seemed the little boy was going to have an orgasm, Erin's mouth let the throbbing thing go and it poked straight out from between the boy's legs throb- bing insistently, coated with the older boy's saliva. Shane's slimy pink foreskin slowly covered the head again, though it wasn't big enough to cover his engorged cock and still form the nipple at the end. Still, the beautiful knob of his penis head was hidden save for the gentle bulge of it around his foreskin. Erin smiled at the hairless erection, his lips looking as slimy as art or pedo Shane's penis. "Do it some more," Shane's high pitched voice said eagerly, poking his boyhood at the older boy's smiling lips. "Not yet, Shane," Erin smiled at the little boy's excitement, his large hands giving the boy's abdomen a loving squeeze as he stood up. He pulled the smaller boy's body into his arms and held him, not fighting when he felt the naked boy trying to push his erection against his thigh. He grinned, obviously pleased by the little boy, but let him go, gently guiding him back on the bed. I sat staring at the naked boy, at his hairless, excited penis and big testicles as he was laid down, his head on the pillows. As his big feet were lifted on the bed, Erin took hold of his jeans and underwear and freed them, dropping them on the floor, leaving the boy laying there naked, his erection throbbing in angry desire. "Now you stay there and we'll see what Kelvin's penis looks like," he smiled down at the skinny little boy. He turned to me and I looked up at him in a mixture of eagerness, fear and embar- rassment. The older boy looked down at me with sympathetic understanding and I felt his big hands taking gentle hold of pedo nude portal my face. He rubbed them slowly, the look on his face filled with gentleness and affection. My fear eased a great deal, knowing that the adorable boy wouldn't hurt me any more than he had Shane. Slowly, his hands slipped down my neck and gently caressed my shoulders, mostly exposed beneath my tight white tank top. I felt his warm palms laying there as his fingers felt tenderly across my exposed shoulder blades. "You're really soft," he smiled at me adoringly, his hands slowly slipping down the back of my tank top, rubbing across my thin shoulders. After a moment of this, I felt his hands move up to my neck again and the boy pressed gently back on my shoulders. I swallowed as I felt him laying my body back on the bed, my legs still dangling over the side. I looked down and could see my little penis pulsing against my soft silk shorts. I felt my tummy shiver as the boy's fingers tugged my tank top from my shorts, lifting it enough to expose my pale white belly. He smiled down at me again, then leaned over to lift my arms up, laying pedo sex board them on the bed over my head, my white arm pits bared as Shane's had been. "That's a good boy," Erin cooed, his fingers again taking hold of the hem of my tank top, lifting it higher as his other hand lay down on my belly button and gently stroked my abdomen. It shivered with such excitement that Erin grinned. "You're so soft," he said again, his young pubescent voice filling me with soothing assurances that he adored me. He dragged his fingertips across my skinny belly and all it could do was shiver, filling with a queasy pleasure that made my little chest swell for air. His hand raised my tank top higher, lifting it above the flat skin where my pink nipples stood like little dots on my white body. I had almost no muscles and, like Shane, my rib cage was the most evident thing on my body when my arms were overhead as they were. This seemed to please Erin and his fingertips felt along the firm ripples of my ribs as they swelled up and down with my heavy breathing. He stopped caressing my skin long enough to take hold of my tank top with both hands. The silk was so soft and I was so light that I didn't even have to move as he peeled it all the way up my skinny body and over my head, baring my skinny little chest. In reflexive protection, I lowered my arms and folded them across my little nipples, but Erin soon smiled at me, gently pulling them away and laying them back above my head again. I don't know if it was my hairless armpits he adored if he just liked seeing me fully exposed before him, but his big hands quickly lay on my chest, his fingertips petting my underarms as his palms lightly massaged my little chest. I swallowed nervously as the boy crawled up on the bed, his smooth, beautiful face moving close to my chest and kissing the exposed skin around his big hands. I panted softly, amazed by the exciting pleasure of his slimy lips. He sucked on each of my nipples so tenderly, kissing across the soft skin between them, kissing down my abdomen until I was whimpering with embarrassment and pleasure. I was even more shocked when his lips moved to my armpits and kissed the hairless skin there. It tickled and I would have giggled, but I was so excited, so filled with wonder that the boy loved my little body so much, that all I did was lie there panting, crying softly, feeling small and helpless to his tenderness. His hands felt so big on my skinny body as they lovingly explored all up and down my ribs and little chest. "Uuuuh!" we heard Shane's high pitched voice crying. I turned to find the little boy masturbating his slimy, hairless penis with frantic need, his adorable face filled with happy, excited pleasure, his purple penis head poking in and out of his foreskin with intensity. His penis seemed even slimier, but I never thought to realize that the boy had been spitting on it himself. "Shane. Stop that!" Erin commanded. The boy's blue eyes opened wide with fear and embarrassment and he sat motionless, still holding his throbbing erection. He looked at Erin as his young hand slowly slipped from his boner. Released, it throbbed as madly as ever above the eleven year old's hairless belly and the boy looked down at it hopelessly. Erin smiled at the little boy's sad desires and reached across to gently fondle his bare little chest. "Okay," Erin suddenly grinned. "I guess we have to help you out first." He crawled over closer to Shane and his big hand took hold of Shane's young cock, gently caressing his slender three and a half inch penis. He grinned down at the naked boy's obvious delight at having his penis held. Shane's baby blue eyes were smiling down at his hairless meat as Erin gently kneaded it. "Is that better?" he asked the little boy. Shane just smiled happily down at his penis, his arms straight at his sides, loving the tender caresses of the older boy. "Kelvin," Erin suddenly said, turning so his beautiful face was looking over his shoulder at my bare chest laying behind him. "Come stand over here." Feeling more than a little confused by the open desires of the other boys, I swallowed and stood up. Feeling uncomfortable and frightened, I walked over to where the thirteen year old sat on his knees rubbing the other little boy's peter. "Shane," the older boy said. "Can you take Kelvin's shorts off?" It seemed a silly question to ask as his hand pulled the boy's small penis, pulling the foreskin rhythmically up and over his purple penis head. Still, it made pedo free japan Shane giggle. "Yeah," he said. I stood close enough to the bed that the little boy had no trouble in reaching across with both hands (Erin still rubbing his cock all the while) and took hold of my homemade shorts. He giggled as he peeled them over my thin hips, the pale blue silk moving down to my thighs to reveal the tight, white silk panties beneath. These still clung tightly to my throbbing little penis and the pink and purple colors of its hairless beauty were easy to see through the silk. "It's little," Shane gasped as his cock was rubbed. He had moved my shorts down only midway through my thighs and, before thinking about it, I felt myself pushing the soft fabric down, felt myself stepping out of them and standing wearing only my white silk panties. I stood there flushed with embarrassment as both boys grinned at my near nudity. The hairlessness of my childhood was obvious, from my skinny belly, up my thin chest and down my slender thighs. Nonetheless, my penis throbbed with pubescent desire and my face showed all of the pubescent feelings wrestling inside me as I watched the older boy rubbing the eleven year old's hairless penis. Erin was smiling up at my innocent passions but I just stood there blushing. I gasped again as the older boy reached out and slipped his hand beneath my panties, felt his long fingers ca-ressing my hairless erection, felt them probing the hairless warmth of my scrotum and testicles. It felt nice, but I was confused by how hard my little cock felt. I stood there, almost near tears, letting the older boy feel it, feeling the pleasure his fingers built in it. "Wait a second, Shane," the young teenager said, leaving the boy's penis throbbing there as his other hand reached out for my underwear. I stood there, trembling and blushing in excitement and embarrassment, and felt Erin's big hands peeling my panties down. His hand brushed my erection as he lowered them and I gasped, loving the soft, smoothness of his skin. My penis stuck out hard and frantically throbbing in hairless boyhood. It glowed a bright pink with excitement despite its pale white coloring, the head shining a bright purple that was almost white. Red excitement pulsed along it and I felt ready to cry in embar- rassment, knowing that I couldn't hide it, so greatly did I desire their affection for it. Like Shane, Erin couldn't work my underwear down below my smooth, skinny thighs. Despite my shame, however, I reflexively took hold of them and knelt over, slipping them all the way down xxx pedo kids video my hairless legs. I stood russian pedo upskirt up again, completely naked now, star- ing at my stiff little penis, but secretly watching the other boys as they looked at it too. It was so hard, pulsing visibly with prepubescent erection. It stuck out straight as an arrow, no thicker than a man's pedophilie hardsex pinky and certainly shorter. It was skinny and short, particularly compared to Shane and Eric's. I wondered if Erin's penis was as small, but the pulsing bulge in his shorts told me that was silly: I had the smallest penis in the world. A two inch boner, however pretty in its hairlessness, was still very small. "Come here, sweetie," Erin said, his eyes staring at my hairless little erection as his long, skinny arm reached for my body. Eager for an older boy's affection, I swallowed and let him guide me down on the bed beside Shane. I didn't like to lay down so close to the pretty boy, but my only regret was that girls pedo sex it showed how much bigger his penis was than mine. He was smaller than me, at least a little bit, and looked much younger. It was embarrassing to see how much bigger his penis was than mine. Oh, it was nowhere near as big as Eric's, but somehow I knew that little boys should be more similar. pedoland paradise Comparing penises alone, I looked like a child and Shane looked like a prepubescent. "His peepee is little," Shane said, making me long to curl up and hide the hairless thing. I laid there, however, feeling ashamed, letting the other boys compare my stiff cock to Shane's. If there was any relief from this scrutiny, it was only the odd feeling that I had that Erin was more infatuated with me than he was my innocent competitor. "It's beautiful," the older boy said, smiling all up and down my skinny, naked child pedo ru body. Shane blushed and smiled up at our young mentor. "Are you going to take your clothes off?" he asked, his face blushing brighter as he looked away boyishly. I thought he was so pretty and was certain that he was prettier than me. I looked down at the throbbing, uncircumcised penis between his smooth legs, adoring the beautiful softness of his hairless belly, the smooth skin joining young top pedo the base of his small boy cock in perfect hairless- ness. His scrotum looked equally hairless, the enlarged testi- cles inside being held by the thick, pale skin of his sack. I smiled over at the pretty boy and he returned a toothy grin, blushing to know I had been looking at his hairless penis. We both looked up as Erin's large hands reached down for the hem of his bright white t-shirt. His belly appeared, looking very slender and firm with muscles that scarcely rippled his soft brown skin. His belly button looked adorable on the smooth skin of his belly as the shirt slid slowly upward. I was astonished when his chest appeared. It was little thicker than Shane's or mine and the pubescent boy had very little muscle. porn teens pedo child What was most beautiful about his chest were his nipples. His skin was natu- rally a darker hue than Shane's and mine, and his nipples were very brown. They were also tiny, like a little child's, shrunken into erect little spots, their brown color looking extremely pretty against his pale brown skin. He slid the t-shirt over his head and I saw his underarms. He, too, had hairless underarms and the color of his smooth skin was little lighter than on his chest. He had a beautiful young body, prettier than Shane's and mine by far. I watched his smooth arms slipping from the shirt as it cleared his head, the adorable boy blushing as he smiled down at our naked little bodies, his dark brown hair falling into his eyes. He looked so soft and smooth that I longed to feel my skinny body held against his childishly muscular little chest. He sat there blushing for a moment, allowing Shane and I to appreciate the beauty of his young body. He was as skinny as we were, but his older age made his body bigger over all. He was also changing quickly with puberty pedo piss sex making his arms and legs look too long for his small boy chest. Even his abdomen looked very long with his smooth brown skin, his ribs rippling his skin but the darker complexion making them look less pronounced, adorable beneath the small mounds of his chest and his tiny nipples. He dropped his t-shirt on the floor and sat back on his butt. I licked my lips in anticipation as the boy reached for his shorts. They were held shut with velcro and I could hear it tearing apart as the boy grinned and blushed. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his young, brown penis quickly poked out of his fly, looking straight and throbbing with intense pubescent erec- tion. Shane giggled, but my adoring eyes didn't leave the thir- teen year old boy cock. Erin wiggled his butt and squirmed the shorts down his smooth, hairless thighs. His penis was big, but not quite as big as Eric's. picture of pedo girls It stuck out so hard but his soft brown foreskin still partially covered his penis head. It was still more than half visible however and might have been the same dark brown color of his tiny nipples save for the fact that his erection made it shine brightly, glowing a faint purple with excitement. It stuck out a stiff, pulsing six inches, his foreskin running youngest pedo boys smooth and unblemished all along its slender length. It was the same color as his belly and looked adorable. Prettiest of all about his penis was the small patch of downy, dark brown hairs that decorated between his smooth legs. They looked a lot like Eric's, very small and straight, looking softer than rabbit fur. Through the little hairs, I could still see the soft, smooth brown skin of his pubic mound. There was only a small circle of the young peach fuzz and none of it touched his hairless brown scrotum. It held his large testicles close to his body and I could see the oval curves of his balls clearly through the smooth skin. Erin pulled his smooth, long legs from the shorts and tossed them on the floor. He sat down on one butt cheek, supporting himself with a skinny arm, smiling and blushing as Shane and I adored him. His big penis stuck out throbbing and my mouth watered looking at it, gazing at the soft beauty of his young foreskin as it slowly retreated from his brightly shining penis head. He was so excited that a little droplet of thin sperm seeped from the little slit of his penis head, the droplet glis- tening in the light and making me feel eager to taste his boy seed. Shane laid beside me giggling, his face blushing to see the larger, furry erection of the older boy. I envied him fiercely, wondering is Erin liked his eleven year old body more than me. The little boy did have a bigger penis and it was very pretty as he lay naked beside me, his foreskin covered penis still pulsing rhythmically above his hairless belly. I felt and heard Erin's naked body starting to move and my eyes quickly turned to him, my heart beating faster in hopes that the pretty pubescent boy was coming over to me. I felt like crying, however, when he crawled up beside Shane, the little boy separating me from the older boy. Erin laid his smooth cheek against the eleven year old's thin shoulder, his large brown hand laying down on the skinny boy's little chest. I laid there feeling unloved, but resigned to accept the fact that Shane was much prettier than I was. I watched the teenager as his lips lightly caressed Shane's smooth, pale face, his hand rubbing lovingly across the little boy's flat chest. He slipped his fingers beneath the child's arm, his large hand still holding to the little mound of the boy's childish muscles. Shane giggled bashfully as his body was loved by the older boy and I felt my eyes dropping down the skinny little boy's baby soft belly. I stared in adoration at his young, three and a half inch cock as it throbbed in his pale pink foreskin. It looked so big on the smooth, hairless mound between his legs and I could just see his tiny slit as his purple penis head poked ever so slightly through his foreskin. I felt sad knowing that both Erin and I adored the little boy more than me. Adoring his hairless innocence, however, was also very pleasant, watching his young cock throbbing in prepubescent beauty. Despite my pedo boys nude porn longing desire for affection, my adoration for the naked little boy brought some comfort. Knowing that even if I wasn't loved, I was still free to love the hairless child. Gazing at his tensely throbbing boner, I watched as my small hand moved slowly toward it. Shane let out a startled cry and stared down at his cock as my fingers took gentle hold of it. Despite the soft thickness of his foreskin, I could feel it throbbing with intense hardness beneath. It felt so nice, so soft in the pale foreskin, so hard in erection, so hairless in boyhood. The boy's head turned toward me and I looked over at him. He was grinning with excite- ment, his face so adorable that all I could do was gaze at him with love. He looked excitedly back down at his penis as my fingers continued to enjoy its pulsing beauty. Erin was smiling as his lips continued to caress the little boy's skinny neck and down over his baby soft little shoulder. I watched him, wishing that he was kissing my body like that. He was even more tender than Eric, his fingers still slipped into the child's hairless underarm as his hand gently held to his little little pedo pics free boy chest. I was so jealous. I looked down Shane's thin, hairless body at my fingers still gently